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7 January, 2018

Ragi pancake with yoghurt dip

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Crunchy and delicious pancakes, made from ragi dough and stuffed with lightly spicy sausage, baby corn, button mushrooms and capsicum inside.


For stuffing stuff:

¼ cup of onion (cut into pieces), 2 tablespoon oil, Four (cut into rounding) sausage, Half cup (cut into rounding), Baby Corn, 1/2 cups of beans (cut into pieces), 1/2 cup butter mushroom (Cut into pieces), 1/2 cup capsicum (cut into pieces), 1 Table spoon organo, Salt and pepper according to taste, A handful fresh bayonel (cut into pieces)

To make pancakes:

1 cup milk, 3 tablespoon butter (molten), 1 cup ragi dough, 2 tablespoon baking powder, 1/2 tablespoon salt

To make yoghurt dip:

A cup (hung for a while after putting it in a muslin cloth) hang cord, 3-4 garlic bud, A pinch of salt(According to taste, crushed) black pepper



For Filling:

1. Heat oil in a large pan and heat it. Put onion and fry on a light flame for two minutes.
2. After this add sausage and baby corn.
3. Cook them for about three to four minutes. When these circles are brown, add beans to it and cook for two to three minutes. Then add mushrooms and fasten the flame.
4. Fry them for two minutes. When the water of the mushroom is completely dried, then add capsicum, organo, basil and seeding in it. Cook them for a few minutes.
5. Close the flame. Keep it on the side.

To prepare a pancake:

1. Break the egg into a bowl. Fine well. After this add milk and molten butter in it. Mix it for about two minutes.
2. Keep in mind, you do not have to mix it more than two minutes. Now wipe a large non-stick pan with a lightly oiled kitchen bowl. Lighten the flame.
3. Now put a spoon of batter prepared in the middle of the pan. With the help of the surface behind the spoon start spreading the batter in the sphere. Keep in mind that you do not have to make these pancakes much thinner.
4. Cook them for one to two minutes. When you start seeing bubbles, turn it over. From the other side cook it for one to two minutes. Then remove it in a plate.

To prepare yogurt dip:

1. Insert the hung cord in the mix. Then add Garlic bud, salt and crushed black pepper to it and grind it for 30 sec. You will see that the mixer will become slightly creamy.

For Plating:

1. Put the pancake in the serving plate first. Now keep the sausage made filling in the middle. Then put yogurt dip in the top and fold the pancake. Put a little more yogurt dip. Serve using the Basil leaves for garnishing.


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