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29 January, 2019

Let’s have a look at the amazing facts on Coffee

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For a lot of people, coffee is an emotion. In fact, it is a mood uplifter and why not. Today, many people drink a cup of coffee daily whether they are young or aged.

In fact, as you are reading this article right now, more than millions of cups of coffee are being consumed. Why? Because some are on the way to their work, if it is morning somewhere in the world, they are starting their day with it or if it is evening time, some are on coffee dates. Some may take a small break from the strenuous work or some may just feel like drinking it. So here, coffee works all the time.

This particular “drug” is the most amazing conversation builder and mood booster early in the morning. So as mentioned before it is love and coffee is an emotion for many. Usually, the urban and the modern people make coffee using their latte machines for home or an espresso machine for home. But there are still a few sections of people who love making it manually without any machine’s help.

Coffee is almost one of the most popular beverage on which people spend around millions and billions on it. Apparently, almost $ 40 billion are spent on just it by people of the worldwide every year.

Health benefits of Coffee

There are a lot of health benefits behind this magic beverage. This is so close to people’s heart and can save you from quite a lot of diseases.

  • This apparently reduces the risk of one of the most feared disease of all time, which is type 2 diabetes.
  • In fact, drinking it daily also makes sure you do not suffer from any kind of liver diseases.
  • For the low blood pressure diseases, coffee is the solution that can provide relief immediately.

So, when you have so many benefits of it, then why don’t you also make a habit of this?

Youngsters and Coffee

Well, a lot of youngsters who are in their late teens start to consume more of it than everybody else because of the stress levels. It is their first time getting exposed to so much of work and pressure that they simply, increase the consumption of this magic beverage. Do you know, youngsters who are around 19-mid twenties drink 25 percent higher amount of it than they would ever drink in their life. In fact, they consume it daily without fail. If we are talking about some percentages and statistics, here are some of them:

  • 50 percent of the world’s population drinks different kinds of coffee daily.
  • The youngsters alone consume a lot of it.
  • Even the teens of the age of around 13-18 years are drinking it more than ever. Though they do not consume coffee daily, they do so occasionally.

Types of Coffee

Basically, coffee beans are of two main types: Robusta and Arabica. If you ask which one is better, both are good in their own fields. But the taste of the coffee only improves when the beans are roasted.


If you are in for some fine and mild coffee, then you have to go for Arabica. It is mild, full of amazing aroma and also has lesser caffeine content. In fact, it is the most produced beans in the world.

Why? Because, everyone loves it and it is less expensive to cultivate too!


This kind of beans is used in blends and instant powder for coffee. This makes up the other share of the world’s coffee production. Also, this is just as easy and cost-effective to produce like the Arabica ones. So, Arabica and Robusta are both great kinds of beans.

Origin of  beans:

They came from the African country, Ethiopia. But now,  we can observe plantations for these beans everywhere around the world. You have the Americas, Africa, and some parts of Asia like India and Indonesia where farming for these beans can be observed.

How are these beans used to make different kinds of coffee?

If you already know, there are almost 100 different coffee species and over 10 types of this on how it is made. Some of the famous ones are a latte, espresso, ristretto, Americano, black, and many others. So here is a short and quick explanation of what each of them.

Risretto and Espresso


Now, a ristretto is a really short shot of espresso. You order it when you don’t want to consume a lot of espressos. But what is espresso? Espresso is this strong, thick black coffee. So if you aren’t one of those people who would enjoy an espresso, here are some more amazing types of coffee you can enjoy too!


Are you stressed about the meeting you have in the next hour? Then, grab a quick iced coffee. Yes, it is Coffee with ice cubes. It is a bit different from a cool one! Now, if you want black coffee but you do not want it thick like espresso, then dilute it with hot water. That becomes your Americano.


At many points the article we said about black coffee, we have been telling you about black coffee. But what is it?  It is just plain coffee with water as well as no milk and also no sugar. There are certain variations in the in itself, you have the long black coffee, which is a made by first pouring hot water in the cup and then some espresso on it.

Now, we all know this tastes very bitter and black coffee isn’t the only way we can drink coffee. You can make coffee with milk too.


A lot of eastern part of the world loves to take coffee with milk. So, there is macchiato which is espresso with some foam of milk.


You have a flat white which you make with some boiled milk. Then there is cappuccino which is one of the most popular coffees in the world. It has espresso, steamed or boiled milk and then some fresh foam on it.


Frappe is the cooler version of cappuccino, just crush ice on top of cappuccino and that becomes your frappe.


If you are a big fan of milk and as well as coffee, then Latte Coffee is best for you. Latte is very similar to cappuccino. It is cappuccino with a greater portion of milk!


This is espresso with some extra beautiful calories on it. You have milk, whipped cream, and the yummy chocolate syrup!


The Irish coffee is also quite famous! This is coffee with sugar, heavy cream, and some Irish whiskey.

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